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This was my view in the morning







So the vein on my forehead has receded back to a normal size and all the guys say I am looking much healthier. Just got done rapping with some of the other guys trekking and they were also feeling a bit off yesterday so I feel better that I wasn't the only one feeling like crap! Although I did just find out that the other Americans are gong for a higher elevation camp and plan to summit to night. God bless them cuz I know I can't! I'm just happy to be feeling better!

Todays trekking was cool, started off the day trekking up some rocks, which I found more fun then just trekking along a path. Plus I only think we did about 5 k's so it was a easy day. Tomorrow should be another short day and then summit tomorrow night at midnite.

No deep thoughts today thankgod, the easier the trekking the less I have to write!

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