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i go back and read some of these entries and i feel like im reading about someone elses life, their experiences. its so hard for me to believe that its my story, mine and sallys. it feels good to be reminded of those times and why we were there.

i dont write things down and i dont journal. ive been given journals for gifts and they dont get used. but i cant stress enough the value of writing things down, even if you only write in order to read it later. my reason for writing was to keep you all informed. that was the only reason. but im so grateful now that i did - because of you - so that i can go back and read the entries. so thanks for wanting to know, for taking some interest in us and the cause that transcended sally and i. boy, does it ever transcend us.

this site closes in one week. itll go offline - text, pictures and all. this is me telling you that, if you want to read any of it, you better get on the ball and do it. you cant say i didnt warn you.

from chingik lake, alaska

joshua perry

p.s. you know a flight from here to vladivostok, far-eastern russia, would be cheap, and i can get on the trans-siberian train from there and be in asias back yard in no time flat.

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