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Bird's nest plant

First flat of the trip

Leaving Rompin around 7.00 am we stopped for Nasi Lemak after about 1/2 hour of riding. This is near the entrance to the Endau Rompin National Park. We wanted to ride into the park but lack of info on accomadations and food along with the fact that it was at least a 50 Km one way detered us towards the nearest town of Endau. As we rode around looking for info on the park we felt and heard the familiar sounds of percussive instruments. Following our ears we found a group of young women practicing in a rather empty concrete room. We were invited in for a special private performance along with a New Zealand cyclist going North to our South. It was one of those moments that you just have to enjoy. Afterwards we exchanged info about places to stay and road conditions, etc with the fellow cyclist. The ride took us away from the coast for the first time into hilly terrian. Plantations of palm trees lined the road along the way. Next time you use condensed milk read the label to see if its palm oil not milk. We found Kalis guesthouse easily as we rode into town. It was a little rustic but was situated across the road from the beach, with views of Seribuat Archipelago. Another trip for the future!

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