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Snail trying to cross the road

Going home


Someone's home

We rode in darkness for a while and saw the sun come up over the landscape. Rain was chasing us for the better part of the day, but only marginally caught up. It was a long day, with very few towns along the way. We rode the #3 the entire way, but it didn't seem very busy. Passed beautiful rivers, streams and mangroves. On our way we also chanced upon an old Malay man sitting on the side of the road, trying to fix his very old bike with the only tool he had at hand - a machete. Myles pulled out his bike tools and helped him tighten his back wheel so it would stay on - for a while at least. The man spoke no English, but he looked very grateful as he spoke in what sounded like Malay. He appeared to offer us a cigarette, but in the end just shook Myles' hand and rode away towards the jungle.

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