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Friendly grooming

On the way up to fetch more coconuts

This is how you shell a coconut

Oh, that's easy - let me try!

Coconut fetching in action

Lunch break - bananas, yummy! Monkey happy!

Getting too close to his bananas.

Old monkey handler - new monkey

A mind of his own

A smoke break


A homestead

Took a very beautiful minor road instead of the usually busy #3. It continued along the water. We made an extra few kms, but it was well worth it. A very quiet and peaceful road. We went through many little villages of just a few scattered old Malay homes. Tonnes of monkeys, both wild and domesticated on our way. Chickens, cows, goats, cats and water buffalo strolling across the road unchecked and free. Very green and lush.

The state Sultan resides in the town of Pekan, but you wouldn't know it by just passing through. We didn't get a very good feeling from being there. We set our sites on leaving early the next morning, however, as luck would have it we met a friendly man from India. He invited us to take part in a Hindu ceremony. During the ceremony we could see the town's Buddhist Temple to our right, and hear Muslim prayers coming from our left - all three religions seem to coexist in Malaysia.

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