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Using the big stick to scare the fish into the net, beware...

Bringing them in.

China Sea meets Kuantan River

Government weight in station

Mangrove crabs home

Low tide in Mangrove

You guessed it, some sort of palm

Wondering whats hiding in there

Hostile takeover

Heading to the weight in

A common passion for comics

In Kuantan we found a helpful internet cafe in a mall that showed us a quicker way to download photos. Even so we spent a fair bit of time in the mall. Air con and Mission Impossible(English)were a relief from the blasting heat, and little bit of home to remind us that we are still in Asia. We even found a cafe that had cafe lattes and desserts like you would find at home. Sometimes you just want the things you miss from home,but not for too long. We went on our first tour on our trip. It was on the river and to a mangrove area during low tide. The crabs in the mangrove build these huge mounds out of mud. They must constantly push out all that mud out. When the tide comes in they move up to the trees. The tree roots are really incredible - they resemble tree crowns (upside down trees). The salt from the sea water is filtered out through the thick mangroves. We saw a queen ant pinned down by several smaller ants while being eaten alive - very precise management of resources in order to survive in a challenging environment. Walking through the mangroves felt like being in a hothouse - very humid, hot and smelling of plant matter at differnt stages of growth/decomposition.

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