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Canoeing down the Orange River - BEFORE the wind picked up!

Fish River Canyon

Jonathan "mountain" climbing!

After another bit of a drive, we crossed the border into Namibia and as we had been told it was boiling hot. We putched tent for a few days on the Orange River - our camp was Felix Unite run by a Portuguese guy called Carlos (but he looked like Manuel from Fawlty Towers!). After a good night's sleep (at the moment we go to bed around 8 and get up at 6!) we canoed on the Orange River where the scenary was reminiscient of the Western Colorado. After 14km, getting stuck on rocks in the rapids, and a wind / current so strong it was blowing us back up river, we finally made it back to camp. Most nights we spend under the stars, drinking beer with our fellow travellers and generally just chilling out. Our Kenyan / Tanzanian guides (Muchai, Mutiso and Bryson) are always saying Hakuna Matata - No Worries - so we don't!

We stopped at Fish River Canyon on the way to our next camp - apparently it is the 2nd largest canyon in the world next to the Grand Canyon. It surely wasn't a "tourist site" as you find in the US -- there was no one around and you could literally hang your feet over the edge of the canyon - no lawsuits and no fences. For both of us who have vertigo usually (fear of heights) - we did quite well to stand out quite far to the edge for a great shot!

Namibia, we were told, was very hot all of the time - not 100% accurate. The next camp we stayed at was a bit more remote but the temperature took a nose dive and it felt like we were camping outside during a skiing holiday - the temps plunged to about 2 celcius / 34 fahrenheit - so washing our dishes after dinner wasn't that fun. Prior to dinner, Jonathan decided he wanted to do an Edmund Hilary and climb the mountain next to camp - so he and some others sprinted up the "mountain" in record time - the view from the top was amazing and he could see for miles around (at mostly nothing!)- he was in bed by 7 that night! ;-)

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