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Straight to Cordoba, and it is getting quite warm. We see signs displaying temperatures of about 37-39oC and that is might hot for sleeping in a tin box on top of an enormous engine block that stays hot for hours. Fortunately the campground has shade, but amazingly the pool is shut as it is not summer yet (this applies for all of Spain, all the pools we see are empty).

We cycled into Cordoba in the evening cool and wandered about. Saw the opening performance of a free Blues festival (a crap blues festival) and then sat outside lots of restaurants drinking beer and nibbling tapas. I had a glass of local white wine which was revolting, it tasted like crap sherry, but apparently it is meant to taste like that (Sherry does originate from around here).

The Mezquita, another islamic remnant, is the place of Friday worship, built in the 8th - 10th Centuries, to eventually hold 15, 673 worshippers. Cool and dark, with hundreds of red and white columns and arches. It is incredibly beautiful and peaceful - well, except for the monstrous 17th Century catholic cathedral that they plonked in the middle, with grotesque, over-the-top decoration. Sublime to the ridiculous has never been quite so apt.

It is just too hot to do anything except go back to Fritz have a cold shower, a cold supper and wait for Fritz to cool down to sleep.

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