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A less successful day.

We decided to escape Granada and head into the Sierra Nevada, it was getting a bit warm on the plains. But we when we got into the mountains, we were surrounded by fog and it was raining - so not a great day to see spectacular views of mountains and gorges. So we headed back the other way towards Cordoba and stop in mountains near Jaen.

Well, we knew that Spain produced a lot of Olive oil, and today we discovered where. We drove through, literally, hundreds of miles of olive trees. It was also quite hot and we were starting to get grumpy. We stopped in Baeza and Ubeda two gorgeous towns with lots of 16th Century houses, but we were both too grumpy to enjoy them. We had lunch in Baeda, a salad with so much olive oil that had they been more sparing spain may have been able to claim to produce 11% of the worlds olive oil and not just 10%!!

We head into the mountains near Cazorla to find some respite from the heat and manage to take the wrong road - along the road in the worst condition I have ever come across. It took us about 15 minutes to travel 2km before we had to give up and return. Fortunately we hadn't take the road with the sign warning about the poor road condition.

The mountains are lovely, there is even grass and water!! We end up in an unattractive campground next to an attractive river, that was filled with Spanish people - which is not good if you are grumpy and want an early night. At 10pm they start cooking dinner, and turn up their music. The children are running around screaming until about 11pm, and the adults stay up until about midnight.....

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