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Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda, here we are in Camp Granada.

Nice campground. Quite warm weather. We cycle into the town and wander about and investigate getting tickets to see the Alhambra. We realise that you are meant to book in advance and by all accounts in order to get day tickets you have to be at the ticket office by about 8am. It took a bit of convincing Stu that is was worth it, but he finally relented and at 7.30am the next morning we were cycling into town and up the hill (well, I walked up the hill after nearly vomiting my lungs) to queue with lots of other tourists.

It was definitely worth the early start. The Alhambra remains from the Muslim rule of spain and it is spectacularly beautiful. The gardens (Generalife) were stunningly gorgeous; beautiful roses, scents, water pools with lots of frogs. The Palacio Navaries was also stunning - incredible mudejar decoration, fountains, cloistered gardens filled with orange trees.

We spent almost all day in the Alhambra. We then went back to Fritz for a siesta (interrupted by an over enthusiastic hedge trimming gardener) and then back into town again for more meandering and tapeo (tapas bar crawl) which actually wasn't terribly successful as we had a couple of tapas at the first bar and were then too full to have any more!

But we walked up the hill to see the Alhambra at sunset.

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