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Just a little bit closer

Mt Mau. . something in the shadow of Kili in the morning

Yup it's breakfest and yes it's getting cold

This is Mr Makeuli







My bath in the morning

getting closer. .

These guys were from San Fran

This is when it started to get cold and wet



Up that hill it was hailing a bit and my body was...

Down the hill abit it was warmer and raining

Our next camp




Getting closer


man, almost there

So woke up today and it's a balmy 4 degrees this morning and frost is everywhere. Last night I was amazed how clear the skies were and I found myself just standing in the cold taking it all in and wondering where my place was in all this.

OK with that sentimental bs out of the way, I was squatting in the shitter and it came to me, I was in Africa! 5 days ago I was in BKK saying goodbye to my friends Khae , Shai and Lital and then pleading with the lady at Emirates to let me fly with my one way ticket to into Tanzania. Next thing you know its Sunday afternoon. I'm in Dar and I am schmusing my way thru the visa line. 3hr's later I'm talking with a couple on their honeymoon from Rochester and we are all hopping a flight to Kilimanjaro airport.

Now it's Thursday night and I am freezing my ass off and today was the hardest day that I have had, I mean it was tough! Ramsom says I am thinking to much about things and that people fail because they think to much, what can I say? I am the only person who speaks english besides Ramsom and of course all I have been doing is thinking! Thinking about everything, home, bills, failed relationships, wondering where people are now that I have met on the road and of course this big ass mountain.

Today we started above the tree line and I was still feeling a bit off from the altitude but pride gets you going sometimes. It's also pride that has been making this trek harder then it has to be. I haven't wanted any help and have felt the need to carry my own weight. And for whatever reason I have also been trying to beat the other Americans to each campsite and not be the last one going going up. But with Ramsom telling me not to think to much about the climb has me realizing that I have nothing to prove to anybody, just myself. Granted I did tell quite a few people that I am going up Kili that I'll be dammed if I quit now! Hopefully the headaches will pass and the vein on my forehead will go back to it's normal size.

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