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Maulid the cook, on our way to pick everyone else up

Into the raian on the first day, kinda what I expected

Getting the gear together.

Man I wish I could stick this is in my checked in...

Here we go




Mr Richard, he was cool. He also set up my tent everyday.

Says it all dosen't it?

Ramsom, officially the "guide"

Maulid again

That's his teddy bear

in case of emergency pray, this is your strecther. The handbrake dosen't...

every station has a ranger hut, this is it

The first stop

Mr richard doing his thing,

Makeuli, I could tell you this story about him a girl and...

Working on dinner


Young Babu


Drinking on the mountain is a bad idea!

Prepping their own traditional meal

I ment to try it but never got around to it.

A bag of flour and this what you get, plus other things

So the first day was not so bad. Didn't get much sleep last night due to the friggin moss's but then i rarely sleep well the night before I have something new to do. . Woke up 'bout 6AM and had my stuff sorted, in the truck and on the road by 7:15.

A hour or so later we had picked Ramsom (my guide) and stopped at a roadside butcher for some meat and headed up into the hills to get to our starting point and to meet up with the rest of crew and after regrouping and signing in, I was on my way.

The first day was all forest and reminded me of parts of the Muir woods and also trekking some of my trekking in Nepal. Yes I know it's 3 different continents but the world is not as different as people think. About 4 or 5 hours later we had reached our first camp at the Machame Hut.

So part of this deal is that the guides set up my tent, I felt kinda like a ass standing around and watching so after helping to set up my tent, I helped set up theirs.

Mr. Maulid started up the kitchen with battered fish, potatoes, and something that smelled pretty dam good, Yum! So during this period the temp started to drop and after spending so much time in Asia I found the new weather freezing! With the occasional drizzle already I am sure that there will be some falling snow at the top. I've been saying that I have been missing the snow but now I don't necessarily know if that's what I want right now!

So it's 1830 and now I have a bit of a headache, I think it's to early for altitude so I am hoping that it is perhaps the lack of food earlier or the Thai rum . . . .

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