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Venice Beach

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clever shot...can you see the sea in the sunglasses?

Us in the Pacific Ocean! -not as cold as it was at...

so we havent really done all that much in LA...we've basically been 'hangin' out with our homies'!


We did this one small thing on friday, i mean it wasnt all that interesting...only that we went and saw the filming of an episode of JOEY!!!!!!!! (for those of you who dont know who joey is -shame on you - he's a character from the sitcom Friends...and has now got his own show).

Oh my god it was soooooo fantastic! WE were there for hours...had to be there at 1pm, and walked through Warner Bros studios, where they film ER, Friends, West Wing, Oceans 12, Batman, Casablanca and so many other films...we actually sat in Gotham City on the steps of city hall!!!!

Got into the studio at around 3pm and in walks Matt Le Blanc -how fit is he????!!!!!

Was so surreal...hes such a funny bloke in real life...he kept making jokes throughout filming...the whole cast seemed to have such fun in between scene as well as during them.

The episode we watched also starred Kelly Preston (married to John Travolta) as Joey's love interest (for that one know joey!!!). Drea De Matteo (sopranos) plays joey's sister and the geekie one whos always looking for dope in Roadtrip plays Joeys nephew.

We got pizza, candy and drinks all the way through filming (all 8 hours of it!!! -can you believe it 8 hours for a 30min show...and they werent even forgetting lines that often!! Apparently we finished early...usually they're filming into the wee hours of the morning)

I decided that i NEEEDED Matt Le Blanc to wave to basically acted like the nutter that i am and stood up (this is in between filming by the way) in the audience and stood staring at him and waving frantically...i was the only person stood up and i was there for about 10 mins...(vikki is adding here that Emma is not at all exagerrating when she says 10 mins!!)...anyway...Matt Le Blanc is discussing line changes with one of the writers and i'm still waving...i see him clock me out of the corner of his a slight doubletake and then carrys on talking to the writer...a few minutes later (i'm still waving) and i see a slight smile creep onto his face...but he still wont look up...EVENTUALLY (i'm still waving) and he slowly raises his head and looks at me and gives an extremely sheepisj wave....and i swear i could see him say something that vaguely resembles 'security' to one of the crew members...but hey who cares...Matt Le Blanc WAVED at ME!!!!!!!!!! And it couldnt have been at anyone else coz by this point people had started to move away from me (including Vikki) because they all thought i was some like of lunatic!!!! But again i have to stress...this is Matt Le Blanc WAVING at ME!!!

During the filming we had some comedian guy entertaining us...and he was throwing out free stuff into the crowd...i think i got slightly too agressive with him (continually shouting 'me me me' at the top of my voice -again vikki is adding that i'm not exagerrating and she could hear me from the other side of the studio where she'd moved to in embarrassment!) -anyway he eventually came my way and we managed to grab some goodies!!!

Cant believe that we've been in the states for a month and that our 'roadtrip' has come to an end...we've met some fantastic people and done so many amazing things but i think we're both ready to move on to Australia...and do it all over again!!!!

So this is our last entry spoken in American accents and the last one with just the two of us as Melly is joining us in a few days...fresh blood to entertain you all...i'm sure we're getting boring by now!!!

love and miss everyone E+V xxxx typical 'Emma Style' i was walking through venice beach today (wearing the clothes that i've got to get on a plane for 13hr in) and what happens to me?? The biggest seagull in the WORLD (could infact be the UNIVERSE) decides to empty his bowels on me...i say 'he' because this could only have been a man that did this to me!!!!!!!! I thought that someone had slapped my arse as they walked past me so i spun around and all i find is sh*t!!!!!! (gutted...but i styled it out perfectly by laughing my arse off and telling anyone that would listen that i'd been pooed on!!!)

So we'll leave you with the beautiful image of vikki wiping my arse!!! (over trousers and only my right cheek if anyone wants proper details!!!!!!) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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