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Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast

I wanted to take a brief moment to share some side notes...funny and aggravating experiences.

Toilets - I never realized how many different ways there are to pee..lol Bathrooms in Europe are a crapshoot...no pun intended. So far on this trip, I have spent close to €40 in tolls to pee. Most of the toilets here do not have seats or lids...I have also learned how to pee standing up...yup, just a hole in the ground with a place to put your feet on either side. Figuring out the dozens of different ways to flush has also been a fun game...a few times I have slinked out of bathroom in defeat....lol.

Yesterday, I had my most memorable toilet experience. The public restroom at the highest point in Capri is guarded by woman that I can only best describe as a mix of the soup Nazi from Seinfeld and Rosario from Will and Grace. She literallly pushed me out of line when I failed to present a euro, so I found Jay, got my euro and stepped back into line. I noticed that no one else was paying. When it was my turn she took my euro clapped her hands three times and screamed OAPAH!!! which I think translated into "NO POTTY FOR YOU"...lol. I ran past her, jumped into an open stall and prayed for toilet paper.

Ordering fish - Jay and I went to a nice restaurant for lunch our last day in Dubrovnik, Croatia. I ordered the grilled fish fillet, Jay chose the fried fish. We had eaten a big breakfast,so when the waiter said "is small", Jay replied "perfect, I am not very hungry". Our food arrived. My fish smelled, looked and tasted spectacular..in front of Jay was a plate of lightly fried minnows...lol...heads, tails, eyes and all. We both busted out laughing. Yes, Jay ate them, minus the heads. I tried one...they were pretty good for bait fish...lol

Ferries, trains and busses - We have come close to utilizing every possible transportation option in Europe. From Dubrovnik, Croatia, we caught an 8 hour night ferry to Bari, Italy. The ferry turned out to be better than I anticipated, and much worse than Jay ever imagined. We reserved a cabin with twin bunk beds and a small bathroom. Jay and I fought over who got the top bunk...lol. Jay won. I fell asleep very quickly and then the boat started rocking...up, down, right, left. I slept through most of it...Jay had an attack of clausterphobia in the middle of the night and tried to crawl into my bottom bunk...lol

We arrived in Bari, Italy...also described as the Detroit of Italy. We had met some friendly Kiwi's on the boat and since none of us knew how to get to the train station, we agreed to split a cab. The cabbie told us 20 euros at first and then agreed to take us for 15 euros...I should have known this was trouble. We arrived at the train station and the cabbie's meter read 9 euros. Jay did not want to make a scene so he paid the thief and we continued on...that will not happen again...lesson learned.

Next, the train. There were about a dozen American and Aussie couples travelling by backpack that we kept seeing along the way from Croatia. Now, we were all standing together, scratching our heads, trying to figure out the train schedules...lol...we were a sight...ugh!!! Some were going to Naples, some to the Amalfi Coast and some to Rome, but we all had to find the train to Toranto first..it felt like an episode of the Amazing Race.

After 2 hours, we arrived in Toranto and we all scuried off to find our next train that will take us Naples. As we all scratched our heads looking at the time schedule to Naples, trying to figure out why there was no track number listed, Jay asked a guard where the train to Naples was. he replid "No train, is buss"...lol

5 hours later we arrive at the train station in Naples via the bus..ugh!!! Naples is cesspool..ick!!! The bus/train station is disgusting and half of the people in the station were there to steal, pickpocket and ripoff the other half that were actually traveling. I was stalked by a squirlie little man with coke bottle glasses for about twenty minutes...he squeezed in behind me on the train from Naples to Sorrento. When the little twit got close enough to see that I had locks on my bags, no purse and nothing he could easily escape with, he quickly got off at the next stop to search for his next target. They are really very good at what they do and it is scary because in Naples the theives are everywhere...once you get used to picking them out, it is easy to notice them. Sort of like you never noticed how many red cars there are until you buy one and then you see them everywhere...heightened awareness. They are kind of like cockroaches, when you notice one you know that there are dozens of them roaming around that you can't see...Yikes.

The big Kuna exchange- We took a trolly type lift called a funiculor up to the city of Capri. Jay bought tickets from the trolly station. He gave the ticket seller 50 euro for our 13 euro tickets. We did not realize until later that the guy gave him back some of the change in Kunas. Kunas are Croation money and a 5 euro coin looks very similar to a 5 kuna coin if you are not paying close attention. However, 5 euro is worth about $7 and 5 kuna is worth about $1...screwed again...we have tried deserately to scub off the sucker tatoo on our foreheads...lol

We still have everthing we packed up and brought over here except my flat iron which I torched by plugging into the wrong electrcal adapter and abruptly fried the electrical system at the Hotel Tempi in Athens...ooops!!!

No major catastrophies so far, although Jay did make a good attempt at cracking his head open when he walked straight into a street pole our fist day in London. He was looking to his right at a brilliant display of architecture. I saw what was about to happen but could not stop it...he never even saw the pole...all he heard was hollow ping...the people behind us tried desparately not to laugh...good thing he has a thick head..lol

There are more fun mishaps to share, but I will leave those for later. Next Stop Sorrento, Italy...stay tuned

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