Kathy and Melissa's Trip of a Lifetime! travel blog

Dave (Melissa's Dad) and Tammy (Dave's wife)

The Bog-lost in thought

I guess Bugwa is too cool to have her picture taken with...

Bugwa has made a run for it

being silly with Camila

Candy (Kathy's sister) and Brad's (Brother in law) new home

the view

Brad, Alexis (Melissa's cousin), Candy, Kathy

Lex Luther and the Furbster R.J.


The Indestructible 87 year old Grandpa who just returned from Egypt and...

Candy about to blow out her birthday candles

Brad and Bart

out with Erin

dinner in the city with Sheryl and...

Stewart and Z

up in the city with Courtney, Maya, Alexis, Camila, Courtney, Kate, and...

Dinner with Lacey, Kim, Karalyn, and Alana

Dinner with Lynne, Tom, and Sheryl

What!? no more ice cream?

Trying to steal the shine with Corey, Leah, and Chris

hanging out with Ann

Angeline and Leah


Natasha, Kathy, and Reba

Nancy, Natasha, Sandra, and Kathy

Melissa and I thought we would share our three weeks at home with everyone. We tried to spend time with everyone, but unfortunately we ran out of time, so there are some folks we missed. We will try to catch you when we come back in February, but we are only home for 10 days so it might be even tricker than this time. So we are off again to Spain, Egypt, Jordan, Greece, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand this time for about four months. Take care and we'll be in contact!!

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