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Where do they get snow from?

Going through a park

A fern

Jungle park

Don't know what dwells in that hole, but didn't stick around to...

Like my outfit?

Smiles, yet no shoulder

Fallen flowers

Stretchy rubber from a rubber tree

Rubber collecting

This thing can fly, it scared the hell out of me.

No deer here, just lottsa free range cows. Driver beware.

Sleeping on the job

Lemang maker. This stuff is darn tasty.

Lemang drive thru.

Getting ready to crack the bamboo tube.

Cutting up the goodness.

He squealed of fright at first.

The next Malaysian Starbucks (Hai Peng)

Best haircut I ever had, honestly.

The longest ride of the trip, yet its getting easier. We stopped and had our usual Nasi Lemak for breakfast. Stopped in a natural park. Kevin Blades mentioned something about bamboo and rice, well it sure is nice. Lemang is made by putting rice, coconut milk, and salt into a bamboo tube via an insertion tool made out of banana leaves. The tube is then roasted over a fire until done. The tube is then split with a cleaver, and the yummy insides sliced into little edible pieces - YUMMY! (especially after a long ride).

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