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CPII from the Glass-bottomed boat

View from Chinaman's Ridge

Sand Monitor Lizard

Small clams in the coral - approx. 6 inches each

Fish 1

Giant Cuttlefish

Giant clam - approx. 3 feet

Blue Starfish - CB star??

Blue Spotted Ray

Coral and its yellow defense team

More giant clams

Driftwood in Blue Lagoon

The good news in the morning is that we see some sun. After brekky, a light one this time, we hop in the 'glassy' and head to the beach. Sam leads us on the path up to Chinaman's Ridge where we get a wonderful view of the resort on the Island. We're not allowed to go near it.......very ritzy $1,100.00 per night per person. There's also a very interesting airstrip by which those who can afford to stay here arrive. We've never before seen a runway with a hump at both ends!!!! Might even be close to the St. Barts airstrip we have been told about. On the trip back, Troy, the young lad on board with his Mom and Grandad, spots a huge lizard.

Back at the beach, we put on our snorkel gear and in we go. It's still high tide time, so we can glide over the top of the coral. What great views we get! With the sun shining, it's quite easy to see all the bright colours. While we've snorkelled in other locations, Hawaii, Jamaica and Bonaire, we've never before seen the giant clams that are here. They are about 2 feet by 3 feet and, unless something passes over them, they are wide open so that you can see all the neat innards! And fish....zillions of them in all colours. Jeff has borrowed 3 pounds of weights to help him go down and take pictures. He still finds it's not enough to stay down for the perfect shot. We get to see a cuttlefish (member of the octopus family) and a "baby" ray!

At 11:30 we head back in so that we can catch the glassy back to the Coral Princess II for a BBQ lunch. Warren has outdone himself again and we are treated to barramundi, 'roo, croc, sausages, chunks of sirloin and of course some healthy salads. After a wee digest, we're back in the glassy so we can go for another snorkel. While the water temperature is 26 degrees Celsius, I do tend to cool down when in for an extended period. So, this time I borrow one of their shorty wet suits. It does an excellent job of firming up the body!!! Water still flows in around the neck but it does a reasonable job of keeping the body temperature more even. With the tide now out, we can't skim over the top, but rather go around the edge of the reef. Also, with the sun now behind clouds and the little rain squall we had during lunch, the water is not so clear. Jeff still gets a few good pictures.

After about an hour of snorkelling, we head back to the beach and join Sam and a few others on the Blue Lagoon trip. It's a very pretty site on the other side of the Island and we see all kinds of blue bottle jelly fish dried up on the beach. Darn good thing the wind is blowing the way it is. If it those little jellies were blowing into our beach there would be no swimming as they are related to the man-of-war jellyfish and have stinging tentacles. On the return trip we spot one of the huge Fruit Bats that live in the area - makes our bats at home seem pretty tiny.

Back on the boat at about 6, we shower off all the salt and head down for a pre-dinner drink. Sam briefs us on plans for tomorrow and then we head down to supper - an Italian theme. The plan is to weigh anchor at 1 a.m. and head for Ribbon Reef #3 just inside the Great Barrier Reef. There were times when it was doubtful that we would even get out to the reef. However, since the weather has improved somewhat, we're good to go and we should be there by 8 a.m. We'll have until 2 p.m. to snorkel before we weigh anchor again and head back south in the direction of Cairns to another overnight spot. Captain Dave points out that it will be rocky and rolly. Oh goody!!!!!!!!! We try to stay awake for the Reef movie that Sam is playing at 9:30, but after all the day's exercise, we find we are nodding off despite the desire to see the film. So back to our cabin where I pop 2 of my little motion buddies and put on my seabands.

Let's see if we roll out of bed tonight!!!!

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