Hillary and Aron's Honeymoon in Nippon 2006 travel blog

Sorry, my last entry wasn`t properly edited (I should have added `the thing you are looking for will not be found. the marriage will be bad...) because as Hillary was suggesting an edit, I realized we had exactly 12 minutes before our Shinkansen left for Hokkaido - at the Ueno station (eki) a quarter-mile away. After paying, we went tearing down the stairs, running down the street (startling no small number of polite Japanese people with our enormous packs and equally enormous selves), across a wide street against the light (a big no-no in Nippon), through the station (two automatic ticket gates), down a long escalator (sumimasen...gomen nasai...arigato...), and to our train car. With a full :45 seconds to spare. Whew.

This story was our first experience this trip with true Japanese kindness. As we were tearing through the busy Ueno street, I dropped some change - about $2 worth, but we didn`t pause to pick it up. As we were waiting about 200 yards away for the light to turn (we gave up shortly afterwards), a small japanese woman came running up... `sumimasen` and returned our change. WOW!

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