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From to Dar to kilimajaro International Airport, uh yeah.

Almost there

So flying into Dar es Salaam wasn't what I thought it would be, but then again I had no real expectations. getting my visa at the airport was a bit of a hassle but a smile and some patiance (and a bit of random luck) can make things go by much faster. The whole visa situation is a bit disorganized. No signs that tell you what to do or where to go. After you find your appropriate paper work then you have jostle your way thru the masses, there is no such thing as a que here, it's what you make it. Plus after you get your paper work there is one person (Mr. Alphonso?) who checks your paperwork and asks a few questions but with only one person it takes awhile.

None the less after that it was all good and was able to get my next flight up to Kilimanjaro Airport and happily the guys were waiting for me when I got out of the airport. While I was at Dar airport I ran into a couple from Rochester on their honeymoon so that was amusing and today I ran into a couple on their honeymoon also from Portland but when they go home they are moving to LA. . .

So I am staying in the Masai Camp for $7 and when I had first heard that it was "the Masai Camp" I thought it was going to be a village and abit basic and yes it is a bit basic but it's not a village, it's part of the compound that makes up the headquarters of Tropical Trails which is in the city/town of Arusha. It also apperently has the hottest joint in town right now with Fridays and Saturdays jumping. Of course I am going to be mising the parties but I am thinking about staying around maybe just to check it out. . .;) Who knows.

Tomorow is day one of my 7 days going up Kili and coming back down so I am looking forward to it and I am also curious as to whether or not I will get altitude sickness. That and I am here duing rainy season so obviously it's a bit wet and cold. About 18-19 dgrees celcious at night and still a bit chill during the day. have a feeling it's going to be snowing on the top.

Note- the roads are better here then they were in Cambodia for sure.

I guess more on this in a bit. My earlier thoughts are escaping me. Althought as I write this I do find myself thnking of home and friends, there and abroad. this is probably because it's the first time that I have been traveling by myself in awhile. I am also the only person doing the trek tomorrow. 7 days of reflection, I'll either come back down thoruoughly refreshed or depressed! ;) Just kidding!

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