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Scooter repair shop

Water taxi

Patiently collecting fish market intelligence

A traffic jam

Watch your step!


Chinatown storefront

Human Powered Booster

Chinatown decaying away gracefully

Kuala Terengganu is a wonderful city. Still mostly a Muslim city you have a small Chinese community with wonderful Chinatown that is slowly decaying away. You can also find Malay Indians dishing up wonderful menus in town. As everywhere in Asia markets are always great places to people watch or see kuchings(cats)checking out the fish. Malaysia seems to enjoy cats more then dogs but we did find a few in Chinatown. Build on the river you can find your way along the waterfront with a water taxi. As in Thailand you always have to watch your step, uneven sidewalks or drops into water runnels could twist or even brake a leg.

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