Hillary and Aron's Honeymoon in Nippon 2006 travel blog

Asakusa market





and Aron

Bongo game

Aron had sushi for lunch

The requisite food shot

These lovely tour guides will work for food!

Our first stop with our Tokyo tourguides (and friends) was the Senso-ji temple in asukusa. As is traditional, we paid 100 yen for our fortune. Hillary and I shook a stick out of a can to select a drawer number, then retrieved our fortune from the box... the outcome? VERY BAD LUCK. Your Wish Will Not Be Granted. The Friend You wait for will not be found. Hillary was very worried, but Kayo assured her that breathing enough incense, donating enough money at the shrine, and spending a lot of money on mikuji would limit the fortune to a single day. But we both noticed Kayo and Yosuke giving us a wide bert for at least a few minutes (neither of them had ever seen such a bad fortune). Fortunately our prayers were sufficient to limit the bad luck to rain and some bad luck with the ATM.

Kayo and Yosuke proved to be most excellent hosts, taking us through a wonderful day of sightseeing, shopping, and most importantly, EATING!

Bento for lunch, fruit and ice cream for snacks, and yakitori for dinner with a healthy complement of various alcohol as a social lubricant in the late hours.

The true tokyo experience - seven story toy store, the national museum of western art, one of the big temples (senso-ji), the plastic food district (sorry, no pictures, but you:ll see hillary`s sushi earings when we return - a gift from K&Y), and an hour at an arcade, including the bongo drum game - woo hoo!

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