Hillary and Aron's Honeymoon in Nippon 2006 travel blog


... during ...

... after

at the Kimi Ryokan

Lunch in ikebukuro

We woke up in Shibuya, and schlepped around for a few hours. After a while, Hillary became very upset. Why? Not because her pack was very heavy (although it was), not because the department stores were very expensive (they were), and not because her husband relied too much on her still-recovering language skills (he did). No, it was because she often had to stare at the back of her husband`s raggedy looking head, lamenting his lack of coolness in general and a haircut in particular. Sooooo...

Off we headed to SHAMPOO, where one language-challenging hour later, Aron emerged with a whole new funk. Woo hoo!

The rest of the afternoon we spent finding our little gaijin ryokan in ikebukuro, and strolling through the georgeous and relaxing Meiji Shrine, home of the spirits of the Meiji emperor and his wife (and where Hillary, whose Japanese is 85% of the way there, insulted the guard by calling it a `park`). It was a good thing that we prayed at the shrine, and properly washed our mouth out with water, because otherwise we could have been in big trouble. Probably it was this effort that made the following day better than it could have been, as you will see...

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