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Grampians recovering after forest fires in Jan

ROOS gone wild!

wicked & us

lots of dead redgums

Roo wake up call

aboriginal cave paintings depicting early sightings of white men

After fighting the winds and rain for a few days we decided to make a detour inland for a change of scenery. The Grampians is supposed to be beautiful and is an easy days drive from Port Fairy where our 'great ocean tour' culminated. We forgot that extensive forest fires all over the news here in January actually happened right where we were headed. With a not-so-quick stop in Dunkeld at one of Australia's many overly-helpful visitor centers, we were off with more maps and literature than I needed for two nights campfires. We learned that most of the park was off-limits due to the fires and unsafe road conditions, however there were a few areas that were virtually untouched including Troopers Creek camp where we would head.

I must also mention that the bakery in Dunkeld produces the best meat pies I've ever tasted. Many of you in America probably have never experienced the joy of a fresh hot meat pie but it's an Aussie standard and trust me if you spend any amount of time here you'll eat them.

On the way to the campground just past Halls Gap I felt the presence of kangaroos and sure enough we come around a corner to behold a massive herd grazing on someones' lawn. After that it was roos around every corner, literally thousands them. In the fields, hopping along fences, crossing the road, we even woke up in the morning w/ two of the little buggers scavaging outside our van. They really are an amazing creature to see in the wild, so odd but so gracefully evolved to suit the conditions.

The next day we did a short bush walk to see some aboriginal rock paintings then hit the road.

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