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This is my office usually when I am using my laptop, Bimbap...

At the River Side Restaurant, Buddhist's say that feeding the fish together...

A everyday view in the neighborhood.

This nice lady was repairing all my cloths

This is her office, hr's are 10am-5pm. Don't be late!

This has been my favorite breakfeast since Australia! ( Note this is...

Side trip to the weekend market in BKK, feeder frogs I think....

Nothing like a good ole fashion cock fight while you are at...

Just so you know.

Shoshanna you out there, did you know you have your own clothing...

Well today is my last day in BKK and my last day in Asia. I have mailed all my Lonely Planets home (for whatever that is worth) and anything else that I deemed irrelevant to the rest of my trip. Which will be coming to a screeching halt after africa unless I can find a cheap country in Europe to hang out in!

You know I thought I would have more to say about my time here but I think I have said everything already and this would only be a short recap about my last 9 months on the road.

Here's to my times in Korea and thanks Shin and Soo for making that time easier for me. Here's to random encounters with folks from all over the world. Here's to everybody on Koh Tao. Too many moments and too many people. For some reason in my head I have always felt that once I got to Africa my trip would be almost over and it will be in about 2 short months. It's funny when 2 months used to seem like a long time.

I think of something witty to say I'll add more later.

Thought of something. . .Ok not so witty but true enough.

Have 3 and a half hours before my trip to the airport and things are in motion in Tanzania but nothing has been finalized ( the more I travel the more I sem to have a problem to commiting, hhhmmm possible relationship problems down the road???) Hopefully I will get to Dar Es Salaam and be able to figure out where to go to get my internal flight and at the end of that I hope to have some guy with a sign that has my name on it. That and "You are here" are two of the most comforting things that I can think of right now.

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