Hillary and Aron's Honeymoon in Nippon 2006 travel blog

Shabu Shabu with Kayo and Yosuke

Aron in Sun Eight

Day 2: Getting to Tokyo is expensive and tricky. We had a whole plan for getting a haircut, checking email, etc etc. but fortunately figured out that getting to Tokyo for less than 300 dollars was going to take a long time. So, we bought bus tickets and went in style (ok, so it took 8 hours, but we had time). Our seats were in the very front on the second floor, so it was sort of like a bus tour of Japan. We saw Mt. Fuji! Also, the weather was kind of crummy, so we were happy to just rest and watch the world go by. And Hillary had a brilliant Japanese recollection moment and managed to get us across town to the bus stop in time for our departure. Yay. Once in Tokyo, we called Yosuke and he came out to meet us at the station. When he saw us, the first thing he said was `You two are the worst planners ever!!'. He got over it, though. AND! He called Kayo while they were both waiting for us to email and arranged for her to meet us too. They took us to Ginza for some unbelievably tasty shabu shabu. We all caught up and enjoyed ourselves, then Yosuke took us over to our Tokyo red light district in Shibuya. We were rejected from one establishment for being American, but our next place, Sun Eight was perfect-o.


One bathroom Hillary went in had a toilet whose lid rose to greet her.

Aron discovered love hotel vending is top rate.

We are both massive when we wear our backpacks. It is a bit frightening to those on subway cars with us.

Crepes make better ice cream cones than the American kind.

C.C. Lemon has become unbearably sweet in the six years since Hillary lived off of 2 a day.

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