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just lost at cards...preparing to go in the sea!

that freak followed us to LA -and jumped in the photo again!!!!

at the beach...its freezing!

walking down to the water...whos idea was this???

just a quicky...we didnt really do that much today but a few funny (and one not so funny) things happened.

Spent the day lazying around waiting for our friend Silvana to get here from San Fran -I had my hair cut (sorry mart, it was doing my head in..) -will get vik to take a photo so you can all see -i reckon its really really short...and 'i dunno i lost my curls i look like a boy' (think only mel will get that joke!!!) -basically its all flicky outtie -and she said she was gonna leave some long pieces at the back...i couldnt see what she was doing but when we got back to the room i realised i'd made a BIG mistake HUGE! -it looked like a 3 year old had cut thier first my girlsworld...its ok though coz i got vikki to cut it again with someones nail scissors!!!! -martin you're gonna have a task on your hands when i get back to make me look even 1/2 decent!!!!!!!

In the evening we decided to go to the hostels bar for a drink and ended up playing cards with a load of blokes from our hostel. We started off playing 'tete de merde' (those of you with basic french will know what we mean -its basically the only game all travellers of all nationalities knows how to play!!!) -to spice things up some 'clever' guy said we should start doing dares for whoever lost...the dare was to run into the sea with all your clothes on (at this point it was well after midnight and had been a pretty cold day and even colder night!) -a guy called Chris lost...but said before he was going in someone else had to go in with him so we had to play another game....and guess who end up being the last two in the game fighting it out???? yes you've all guessed it me and vikki....and i'm sure you can all imagine that the cheater vikki isnt gonna be getting in the sea so muggins here ended up running and jumping, with some bloke i'd met 2 hours before, into the pacific ocean -stripped to my bra and shorts - at about 1am!!!!! Freezing is not the word...i'm going blue and vikki is there laughing on the sidelines taking pictures!!!! Def gonna have to get her back for that some how so watch this space!!!!!!!!! (VIKKI JUST WANTS TO SAY THAT SHE WON THE GAME FAIR AND SQUARE AND EMMA JUST CANT HANDLE LOSING - just pointing out that i'm not a 'loser' just that i lost this one time...never again!!!)

After a really really hot shower, fell into bed and was just getting off to sleep when clare, one of the girls staying in our room, came in -she'd had her bag nicked from one of the bars opposite had everything in it...her passport, phone, money, credit cards, driving licence...the whole shebang! Poor poor gilr was gutted...shed only put her bag down next to her to look at the jukebox for a song and then when she turned back round it had gone...apparently it had happened to another british girl the nigh before...they must watch the girls until they get a little merry and the minute they get the chance they grab it...needless to say vikki and i are NOT gonna be venturing into that place! And dont worry we always keep our bags wrapped around our necks..we dont take our passports out and we NEVER get drunk!!!! (ok ok the first 2 are true...the 3rd is a slight fib) - it was a nightmare and we were up until 5am trying to phone the embassy, insurance people, credit card people etc...moral of the story...well its obvious isnt it.

so a tired em and vikki are now signing off... xxx

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