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So saw another friend from Koh Tao off to the airport in BKK and it just spurs me to get on the road. it seems that we are to have a bit of a reunion in Manchester and Amsterdam from us from Koh Tao so i am looking forward to that. Once again it's great to bond and make actual friends while your traveling but it's always sad to when everybody hits the road and heads home or continues on their journey. Ihate to repeat myself but sometimes it's so much easier when you don't get the chance to bond. The traveling comunity is so different from any other because you never know who you will meet or see again. I find myself missing my friends from koh Tao again and my friends from BKK, I haven't even left yet.

My friend Sarah meet some German dude on the niht boat back to Koh Tao who remaimbered me from the live aboard on Koh Lak, I have no idea who he is. . .

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