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So I have been here a bit shorter then I thought I would be but I am finding myself anxious to get back to BKk so I can get myself to Tanzania. Oh course now is when I find myself setteling in. Of course there is a Irish Pub here and thats where i find myself right now. Surpisingly Siem Reap is a big Korean destination and there are quite a few Korean restaurants here and even a korean language school. Who knew.

It's funny that even though there about 15 or 20 people on our bus from the border and we all ended up staying at the same place I have seen a few of the folks at the temples and I last night I was out with some of the girls from Liverpool one does not really see anybody at the guest house. And like me I think most people are probably leaving in the next day if they haven't all ready left.

It is time to go.

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