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Ankgor Watt


I was already dripping sweat, Have I said how hot it is...


It's all about the good karna isn't it?


As I was leaving the workers were coming in to clear the...

It's always easier if your being pulled. .











In every country it's always the same, STAY OFF THE GRASS!

The jungle always wins in the end





Part of the exhibit at the Landmine museum

This should scare you

Cambodian gas station, it's not Johhny Walker

Yup it's the dentist, I think it's better to go fly to...



More from the Land mine museum

All of these are still found throughout the country, after heavy rains...

or when they are walking their cattle.


These guys are removing powder from found mines

One of the guys that has been living here since he lost...

It looked like a cat but they say it's some jungle animal,...

So woke up this morning at 4:45AM so I could go to Angor Wat and watch the sun come up on top of the temple. On the ride over on back of the scooter I realized I had forgotten how nice it was when you get up early and the air is cool and has that smell to it.

As the morning went from black to orange my driver dropped me off and I started my walk across the bridge and over the moat with everybody else who had motivated to get up this morning.

Climbing up the final steps there were two woman ahead of me and I couldn't help but over hear the accent and go figure, they were from New York. The day before I had carried a wheelchair down a set of steps for a couple only to find out that they were from Princeton, NJ.

Stopped by the Land-mine museum and it was quite a sobering moment. A few things that I had not known was that in 1985 there was still a very active war going on in Cambodia between the Khmer Rouge (Pol Pot) and the Vietnamese. With both sides using children soldiers being used by both sides, fight or die I think thats how it goes. While I was wondering if I was going to pass a test in 8th or 9th grade kids here were being forced to fight. This guy, Aki Ra has had to fight on both sides of the war and after the war was over he started to personally try to remove as many mines as he can. All of this with a knife and stick. Plus he takes in children who have been victims of land-mines. All of this off a dusty dirt road and in 3 wooden shacks.

A man with a mission.

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