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This is the town on the other side of the border, if...

Just waiting for the bus!

So is everybody else

See the "amazing" part?

Our man Ang

He also plugs leaks in the roof when need be!

Everybody was in good spirits except for that girl. . .


This road is the "not so bad road"


The bridges it seems are always under repair, that could be why...

This is actually one of the better moments, made me think of...



Almost everyhome had a a pool of water, laundry, bath . ....

So today I am 35 years old and my personal life has gone to shit and I find myself waiting for a minibus at 6:30 in the morning in BKK for the ride to the Cambodian border and for what I hear it is to be one of the worst rides that I have heard of. You may wonder then why am I doing it? Because I can't believe that it could really be that bad.

About 16 1/2 hr's later I was sitting in front of a guest house off a dirt road in Siem Reap splitting a beer with a girl who went to Drexel (my old university), who used to live in Old City and who had been living in New York before she gave it all up to travel around the world. Who would of thunk it. Also surprisingly about half the bus was from the states, New York, Wisconsin, Idaho and oh yes Texas.

To be honest with you the two worst parts of the entire trip was A- carrying my bags from the Thai side to the Cambodian side and B- waiting at the bus station in Cambodia for 3-4 hrs wondering where our contact went and where the hell our bus was to take us to Siem Reap.

So I had always heard that the road was horendous and spine numbing and yes the road was pretty bad and everybody was a bit tight in the bus but atleast everybody on the bus was in good spirits. The road itself was generally unpaved, packed red dirt. The landscape was flat with the occasional tree, stream or river and the bridges were a bit "rustic". I think we were all wondering whether or not we would fall thru one of them. For some reason though the red dirt road and barren landscape made me think of Africa and I figure in about two weeks I guess I'll find out.

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