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Drinkable jellies

Sunrise meets old

Chinese Temple stories

Pillar inside Temple

Surrounded by lushness

Summit Shrine on our ride

Scooter Gas station

Myles chatting with a local cycling club member.

Phatta Lung statues, what else?

three buds, well two for sure.

A very friendly and chatty Phatta Lung local

Steam baking

The ride from Trang to Phatta Lung was steep and hot. Climbing over a Mtn pass with no shoulder lane for us to ride on at times. It was a two lane highway, and several times cars zoomed passed us while taking over a big truck trying to make its way uphill. Several long and steep downhill stretches followed, where we encountered a friendly pair on a scooter - they almost killed us.

Arriving in Phatta Lung in the hottest part of the day, we decided to sit on the sidewalk and eat some 7-eleven Magnum icecream bars (Mark we'll know) before searching for a place to stay. Phatta Lung has a train station and some friendly locals. We decided to catch a train from here to the Malaysian border to avoid any political unrest in the Southern Muslim areas of Thailand. We heard of a bomb going off recently in the area - that was reason enough to keep it safe.

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