Katie's Live and Unleashed 05/06 Worldwide Tour travel blog

My Dutch room-buddies: Roy and Boris

Railay - East / Cheap side / Our side!

Longtails at high-tide

A Thai Beach-seller...one of very many, but all very cheerie

Railay West side and sunbathing beach / swimming sea / cliff climbing

West side - see how big the rock is by the trees...

Roy and Boris on the West, Chicken Island behind


Watched with a beer...

...it was okay!

Photos with a very big THANKS to Boris!

Having been advised the best place to stay at Krabi was on the island of Railay, I took a longtail here and met my Dutch friends Boris and Roy. We ended up all sharing a room as it cost the same whether there was one person in it or 3 (as seems to be the case everywhere). Krabi is famous for its rock-climbing and it was clear to see why with dramatic rock faces all around. But I was going to sit on the beach, relax and enjoy, which is exactly what I did!

A beautiful sun-set beer on the first day and Peter, an older gentleman who Boris had met on a trip, happened to walk passed and so came and joined us for a lovely meal - on him! Later that evening we made our way to hear a live band playing "Job 2 do" and although the map made it look very close - it wasn't!! A long walk up and dark hill found us in the middle of nowhere, where noise was no longer an issue. Here we had what I imagined to be a typical Thai beach-party...sitting on raised floors around low tables, everyone chatting with everyone, some very high people dancing away to their own beat (I know I always do this!) and a camp fire. It was a fun evening!

Almost forgot the most memorable, or maybe not so as I nearly forgot...bit - the massage! As in Thailand, there is no escaping the Thai massage, so for a whole 3 GBP I undertook an hour-long session. My body was yanked, stretched and reshaped into all sorts of positions and now I appreciate that there are 3 joints in each finger - all of which get clicked as part of the process!! Can't say I felt amazing afterwards, but totally free of aches and pains, so off for another later this week before getting the slow boat to Lao....

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