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Okay, 8 days from now will mark my two month annivesary in Japan.

I will tell you that kids everywhere in the world are the same. I have one group of kids that are a wild pack of animals. They won't sit still. So I have to keep coming up with games to get them to pay attention. Anyways, after two weeks with them, they are beginning to listen to me. I tried folks to keep the destroyer hidden ... but one look was all it took to keep those kids in order. I never yell, it is just my tone. I hope to survive. Now that is one class of 6-8 year olds. I have 5 boys and 3 girls. I have five other classes: 2 more classes of 6-8 years, but not as wild as the one I mentioned, 2 classes of 4 years and one class of 2 years olds. The rest of my time is casual conversation classes with adults and teenagers.

After all that, I felt that I deserved a real workout. I joined a hiking club in Nagoya. Sorry to disappoint you, but they were all foreigners. Gaijin (guyjin) is the Japanese word for foreigners. I was the only female with 5 other men and kept up with the leader while the others dragged behind. I guess all that time at the Ymca had paid off. However, I am not running as often as I used to. I need to put a change to that. I need to continue for obvious reasons.

You will some pics of the mountain ranges and the mountain that I climbed.

pic 1: Central alps in western honshu island. We are 100km northwest of Nagoya and just south of Gifu.

pic 2: to the left Leader: Justin Powell , Aussie who has been in Japan for 10 years

to the right: Alan ... forgot his last name, could tell you everything about your surroundings and is a naturalist and has been in Japan for two years.

pic 3: moi

pic 4: Sergio coming up the mountain. We actually climbed mt. Ookinawa 1900 m which you will see momentarily

pic 5: we had to climb this before going up the real thing

pic 6: there she is ...

hope you enjoyed this entry ...

more will be coming

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