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Kuata Now: Close up of a Gekko! They like to stay very...

Bernt and Jodi eating lunch at Kuata

Example of the huge palm trees in Kuata

The second day in Kuata started with a slight hangover!

But with all the fresh air and sea breezes it didn't take long before Helen and I were running around and eating the free breakfast! You have to understand that at these resorts breakfast is between 7am - 8am so if you want breakfast then you have to be awake pretty early! Helen and I hadn't missed one so far. After breakfast we got ready for the Kayaking that we had arranged as part of our package. We opted for a double kayak so that we could do it together! Although made of plastic the kayak was pretty heavy we managed to pull it down the edge to the shore. With a bottle of water and some dosh we headed off. Also doing the kayaking was an Aussie couple from Brisbane. Aussies are soo funny! They're always laughing and joking and beer is always on the tip of every conversation! Our kayaking mission was to get to the other side of the passage (between 1 - 2 miles) to the island on the other side. Helen and I soon got going and found it best if we both kind of synchronised our paddling together! We got to the other side and our 'guide' (if you want to call him that - I promise you Kayaking is not rocket science) told us that we were heading up to a local village!

To get to the village we had to walk along the beach for a while. Walking along the beach bear footed is a Fijian skill which we were starting to get the hang of. It's the most painful thing we've ever done. Walking over dead coral, stones, broken shells and sand is really painful. It causes all sorts of cuts and slices in you foot. Eventually you get used to it. The Fijians are incredible - they can walk straight over hard stones and coral and not even flinch. RESPECT! We westerners don't know how good we get it. It's all very good wearing shoes, but they get manky when they are wet and sandy - the Fijians now just tend to go bear foot.

If you think we're talking rubbish - then go walk over some gravel barefoot!! ;-)

It was great going to the village. 'BULA!' (Hiya!) they all cry. Every villager insists on shaking your hand. It's quite bewildering! Great stuff though.

To give you an idea of the temperatures in Fiji... Helen and I burnt our feet on the sand walking back to the Kayaks! We had to run!

The paddle back was easy! We were pros! The current was a lot stronger though so we had to use all of our paddle power!!

Once back it was lunch time. To be fair, Helen and Gareth both love curry, but at the last two resorts we'd had vegetable curry for lunch, so we were hoping for something a bit different. When the curried soup came out we felt pretty confident that we wouldn't have curry for today's lunch... but there it was.... again... vegetable bloody curry!

After lunch we all got in some serious snorkel action. It was also the first time that Jodi and Sarah had snorkelled and they loved it. Even Helen was back in the water having a good old nose. Kuata had a good snorkel scene going on. There were lots of fish, but at low tide you had to be careful not to get caught on the coral below, which sometimes was only 20 - 30 cm below your body.

After tea (not a curried object in sight!) we all got the cards out and when for a monster session of double card pack sh*thead. Great game. By now Helen and I are pros and this game and we love it. Ian also taught us a game which he made up himself which we duly named 'Hippocrap'. Great stuff. No one had a go, everyone had to lunge at the table at the same time! Crazy.

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