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Local Taxi

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Two days of riding, and it's been pretty awesome. The lanes on the side are big, and not too much traffic or pollution - mind you, we have to share it with scooters, dogs and roadkill. We've seen all the usual roadkill at this point - frogs, centipedes, snakes, fruit, chickens, fish, lizards, butterflies/bugs and birds. Navigating has been a breeze, as all the signs we needed so far have been in English or easy to understand. 90km with someone recovering from a flu and another one getting it on our second day seem pretty respectable. Arriving in Trang we went ahead with our usual riding around looking for a home until something good pops up. Our second stoplight and our first farang in 4 days turns out to be a Dutch ex-pat. He happens to have a room for us (?). we follow the guy down a few roads and alleys on his scooter until we pull up in front of a house. Myles goes in first and checks it out, Agnes goes in next. We both look at each other and both say yes without words. 250baht for the whole house. It comes with cooking facilities, two bedrooms, a garden deck, lofted ceilings, big open doors and enough space to have a good party if you were all here. Pretty sweet. Unfortunately, we are in a hurry to get to the Malaysian border since our Thai stamp runs out on the 30th of April.

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