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The smallest DonkeyKong player ever (2yo)

A 45km ride from Krabi to Khlong Thom. Khlong Thom is a highway town which does not cater to tourists at all. We did not see a single farang other than each other the whole 3 days we got stuck there. Why were we stuck? One of us got the flu (we are not telling which). On the upside, we got to know a nice Thai family who ran the bungalows that we stayed at. Myles fixed brakes on Gap's (9yo) and Yui's (13)bikes, and he took Gap into town with him for some treats. It was the first time on our trip that English was nowhere to be found. We did a lot of hand signalling and pointing to communicate - not always successfully (ordered pork and got chicken - or maybe they were out of pork, we'll never know).

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