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on our way to the Island

arriving at the island

caipirinhas and beers

our island

hiking around

crossing a little stream

having a snack

view from the restaurant

this is no calorie sugar

view during our hike of the city we stayed in

Pisco Sour Party

the lovely view from our balcony

after a few drinks everything is hilarious

oh yeah, made it to the old penitentiary after our 3 hour...

beach near the prison

us on the beach

homes in the town

walking along Copocabana beach in Rio de Janeiro

lunch along the beach

walking to ipanema, we got sidetracked by some shopping first

art along the beach

before our night out

night out to the samba show

at the samba show



beautiful dancers

band-they were amazing




Sugarloaf mountain

on the way up to the top in the cable car

view of some of the city and corcovado mountain

twins again, doh!

little monkeys?

still trying to get to sugarloaf

view from the top

group picture at the top

us on parade at carnaval street


at the soccer stadium, largest one in the world

for those soccer fans out there

christ the redeemer

at the top of corcovado mountain

opps, tour driver cut off the redeemers head

Svenja and Melissa

ha ha we win

Well we have just two hours left in Rio, but it has been a great adventure these past two months. We took that very long bus ride (14 hours) to a 2-1/2 hour bus ride to a 2 hour boat ride to get to our island paradise, Ilha Grande. Ironically, it rained the two days we were there, but that did not stop us from hiking for hours both days. The rest of the time was spent eating and consuming alcohol. It was very relaxing, but it was great to finally make it to Rio de Janeiro.

The first day we did not get here until the late afternoon, so that gave us time to eat and enjoy the festivities on a Saturday night on the beach in Copacabana. I remember a song by Barry about a woman named Lola, but I am not sure it is this location.

Then we walked down the street to, yes, Ipanema, and looked for that walking girl who they now say is a Grandmother.

The next day we walked to an open market which has all types of handicrafts and spent some cash. It was kind of a lazy day since it was raining, but that did not stop us from going out to dinner and then to a Samba show. Fabulous costumes, just like Carnaval!! Very festive.

The next morning we hired a driver to take us to all the great locations in Rio from Sugar Loaf to Corcovado. We also spent some time at the location where they compete for points during the carnaval parade and saw the largest stadium (200,000 folks) in the world.

So we have finished our final meal with our group and will soon be off to the airport for our two day trip home. We will have some photos from the underwater stuff that we will probably send out when we are home. We are off again to Spain on October 28th. So until then, take care!!! We have had a great time with this group and want to thank everyone for making the trip so enjoyable!

Take care,

Kathy and Melissa

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