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Gorse trees in full blossom

Trotter's Gorge

view of the range

roadside flowers

I count 5 legs

that's quite a web

the view towards Dunedin

Port Chalmers - our morning view

The peninsula

Historic spot by the port

Port Chalmer's shipping port

the church on the hill

This is a real workout - kiwi style!

Dunedin's railway station

take 2

Can you see the steam train in the window?

the drive along the coastline

views from the top of the mountain

right down to the sea

St Kilda Beach - where we stayed Easter Friday

where the hoons were

beautiful views

Trotters Gorge - near the Moeraki Boulders area on the way to Dunedin

Narrow, windy roads through rocky land covered in the yellow blossoms of the gorse (whin) trees...sound like Northern Irleand to you? It was lovely... Check out the spider we saw who is missing a few legs!

Port Chalmers - near Dunedin

Known as a container port where frozen goods were first shipped opening up a new market for NZ farmers across to Asia and the world. It appeared to have a lot of logs and wood chippings being shipped out as we were there. We camped along the peninsula after scavanging the hilltops late that night for a place to stay. The next morning we awoke to a peaceful flat water view reflecting the harbour's sleepy beauty.

Dunedin - University of Otago town

Lively town with a large Scottish influence. Fantastic railway station which still looked as grand as it did in its day. We stayed a night along St Kilda's Beach - again beautiful seaside views as we awoke after a night of boy racers and "hoons" drag racing on Good Friday!

Portobello - near Dunedin, on the other side of the bay

Another beautiful drive - very scenic with twisty roads along the water's edge. (White knuckle driving for the passenger at times!) We stayed in a little campsite here which we enjoyed mainy because of the electric heater we could use and kettle for a warm cuppa tea!

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