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Barry's Bay our first morning view from the camper van

Akaroa's war memorial

A sign of Akaroa's french influence

Bursting seed pod

Harbour view

Harbour view1

Harbour view2

From Christchurch, we set off on our first campervan adventure out towards Akaroa - a small French village built on the edge of a deep volcanic harbour.

We arrived near to the area late in the evening and decided to "freedom camp" on the side of the road. When we awoke the next morning, the first picture of Barry's Bay was what we saw! Not a bad start hey? It was fantastic until we tried to start our wee motor...she wouldn't even turn over. Dead as a doornail. Yup, great start. It turns out we had a dud of a battery. After attempting to push that wee motor (she's heavier than she looks!!!) and give it a rolling start into gear, Andrea went to plan B - hitched a lift with a cement truck driver to the nearest garage who gave us a jump start. From there we were off to the races.

The village and views of the harbour were spectacular and we got a lovely warm feeling from the boutique shops and people. They were even handing out free samples of home made fudge....ummmm hard to say no to that!

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