Tanzania Tenting Safari 2004 with Kaskan & Elcess travel blog

Richard's finished gearing up.

We're scurrying about shopping. Richard is concentrating on camera accessories: bags, memory cards, batteries. That's all right for *him*--he already has a lot of safari-appropriate clothing, birder that he is. Kimberley, however, is engaging in one of her favorite activities, shopping for clothes. Aargh!

Since we went to India last year we'd had most of the recommended innoculations already; we just had to add Yellow Fever. We'll be taking anti-malarials as well. This time Kimberley doesn't have to take the kind that induce psychosis. (grin)

Later that day...

We found a great camera bag, and ended up adding a few pieces to Richard's jungle collection. The city of Austin can buy a few new books for the library with our sales tax contributions. See? Trickle-down works.

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