2006 The adventure continues.. travel blog

So.... We got the boat from Thasos Island back to Kavala, walked round to the bus station and jumped on a bus which took us to Drama, less than an hour away. Backpacked our way to the train station getting directions from locals who didn't speak english. It took roughly 20 minutes, and left our backpacks at the ticket office after convincing the ticket officer we were NOT aboriginees. Then walked back into town for lunch which actually is harder than you think. Lots of coffee shops but no food.

Eventually found a small family run restaurant. They spoke no english but invited us into the kitchen to let us choose what we wanted by picking up the pot lids. We had lentil soup, chicken somthing with potatoes and beef something with pasta. Very good. Then, as a treat, he brought out some sort of dessert which we can only describe as good. mmmm Free! Everyone here is trying to fatten us up.

Now we're off to catch the train back into Turkey.

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