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Getting into the plane!!

The girl before me.. thats ONLY 9000feet I went up to 15000!!!

Getting higher!!

And higher.....!

Starting to get ready !

God we are getting high!!

Ok we are high!

Amazing !

Here I go!!!!!!!!

Can you see me trying to scream?!! I dont think anything actually...

still trying to scream!



I am flying ! haha

Smiling now!


No laughing at my face!

looking down!

From behind!


still falling!!

Nothing else to say!

Up close!

Me and my instructor!

and the parachute is open!!

Floating down!

Coming in for the landing!


My awesome hostel in Wanaka!

The view from my hostel!

The cool Wanaka cinema!

Lake Wanaka

The mountains and the lake

HEy guys!!!!

Well I went skydiving yesterday!!!!!!!!!! I got off the bus in this new town, Wanaka. And it was beautiful, lake surrounded by snow capped mountains and the sky was blue, sun shinning. I thought no better time then today!! So i booked it, then had to wait 4 hours!! I was nervous when I booked it but by the time I got to the airport all I wanted to do was go! I had to sign a special form because I decided to do the 15000 and above 13000 oxygen is less, harder to breath, temp is colder etc but it was fine. There were 2 other girls in the plane with me but they were jumping at 9000 feet, by the time we got to 9000 and they jumped iwas like man we are already sooo high and I am going up another 6000feet? I must be crazy!! My instructor totally egged me on. He was like "see that mountain over there?thats mt cook the highest mt in NZ and its only 12000 feet!" so yes i jumped out of a plane higher then the highest mountain in NZ!!! But man was it worth it!!!!! I was freaking out when they opened the door and i had to move to the edge and put my feet under the plane, but then we jumped and man it was insaine! A 60 second freefall went sooo fast i cant imagine doing anything else. IT was cold and the pressure on my face but man the view was amazing! we fell 10000 feet in 60 seconds at 200kph!!! then the parachute opened and we just cruised down the last 5000, the view was awesome!! I put some pictures on my website so check them out!!! I got the dvd too, but now after teh cost I might not be eating for a month! i would do it again in a second if it wasnt so expensive!!! I think everyone should do it at least once in their lives!!

Staying in this town another 2 nights, I really like it here, if I could I would stay longer. There is the coolest cinema in this town! Its all couches, pillows and even a car you can sit in! you go in through a little cafe. It has an intermission half way through the movie! And when they opened the doors all you could smell was freshly baked jumbo cookies!! YUM. I went with 2 girls in my room last night. My hostel is also really nice! Looks like a big lodge, overlooking the lake. My room is like an apartment, 2 rooms (3 beds in each) and then we have our own kitchen, bathroom and tv/couch area! I love Wanaka! haha wish i could stay longer. It would be so nice in the summer also, the lake looks beautiful for swimming. I guess its a popular NZ holiday area. The town is packed also because they are having "warbirds over wanaka" this weekend. Biggest airshow in the southern hemisphere, they have old planes from ww1 and ww2, among so much more, doing the craziest stuff. But its really expensive to get in and after my skydive i cant afford it. Luckly while I was out at the airport yesterday waiting for my dive I got to see some of the practice, it was crazy! really good.

Well I should go. I have been on this computer for so long putting on my skydive pics i owe over $10!!

lots of love

Ashley =)

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