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Travelling with two huge bike boxes in Thailand proved to be a nightmare. After being dropped off in the "foreigners only" area of the train station, we were charged to move our stuff to the storage area, then quoted a ridiculous amount to store it for just 5 hours, then charged again to move our stuff to the terminal, then charged to put our stuff onto the train (including stuff that didn't go as cargo), and finally to take our stuff off the train at the right staiton. If this doesn't make any sense, it didn't at the time either. Somehow, we ended up stranded at the SuratThani train station surrounded by 3 "very helpful" middlemen before getting on a bus to Krabi. Bikes did not fit under the bus, so they put one on with the passengers. Somehow, we made it to TonSai. Bikes stored in Krabi.

The geography is beautiful. Green water, limestone cliffs protruding out of the water and sandy beaches surrounded by very lush vegetation. TonSai seemed way more developed than we thought it would be. Lots of restaurants, places to stay - all set up for tourists. Tourism has brought a lot of garbage to this area, and it is not being cleaned up very well. However, when you look past all that you can still feel as though you are in paradise. The sound of the jungle is incredible. Millions of gigantic grasshoppers rubbing their legs in unison, sounds resembling saws, hornbilled bird sound and more - you can set your clock to some of them. Lizards, snakes, fireflies, butterflies, schools of fish trying to escape baracuddas (spelling?) and more. Amazing sport climbing routes everywhere - lots unexplored if you wish to brave the jungle. People are much friendlier in the South. There is a large Muslim population in the area.

We both learned the meaning of "projectile vomit" and Agnes learned the meaning of "projectile diarrhea". We are both doing better today, although we are much more weary of what we put into our mouths.

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