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Air Tahiti Nui helps their customers look beautiful with a Gardenia

WIth backpack -- domestic departures are a 5 minute walk away

Small plane, 7 minute flight, travelling lighter than planned.

We left Calgary at 11 pm Tahiti time, and arrived in Tahiti at 9pm Tahiti time. The LA airport was crowded, confusing, and it seemed disorganized. With a changeover of 2 hours, we barely made it onto the plane on time. When we arrived in Tahiti, we were on our next plane within 50 minutes, and Darlene had left her backpack in the waiting area - with all of our tickets and her important documents. Fortunately, people are honest here, and the bag was found and sent over on the next plane, one half hour later. A close call, not unlike what has happened with our son, Ben.

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