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the tower...with rides on top -but we were too chicken!

Hey Hey Hey

Sorry we have been awol for a couple of days, we didnt have access to the internet in our hotel and once we were enconsed in our palace of a hotel in Las Vegas we didnt leave. If you lot think we are kidding....we're not.

We arrived in Las Vegas on Sunday, had a tour of the strip courtesy of our Airport shuttle (we were the last ones to be dropped off so we got to see it all for free) then once in our hotel we didnt go out of the main doors again til the Shuttle picked us up on Wed morning.

But dont you worry we didnt sit in our room the whole time (although who could blame us if we had decided to do that...2 massive beds to ourselves, room service, tv and most importantly no bag ladies! thats another story that we will have to fill you in on at a later date!) Monday was spent lazing by the rooftop pool...gorge weather and a pool bar what more could a girl ask for...spoilt only by a group of 'brits abroad blokes..burping, farting and talking crudely all afternoon. Then we got all dolled up (1st time in bloody ages) and had a fancy dinner and a few goes on the slot machines...went into a bar where they served us up cocktails -tom cruise stylie...although the barman was more stig of the dump than tommy himself!!

drunkenly stumbled into to bed around 2am...(sorry about the drunken conversation mum! -vik wasnt half a drunk as me and reminded me of it in the morning!!!)...such a 24hr place you couldnt tell what time of day it was...coz there arent any windows and the slot machines are busy at all times...even at 7am!!!!

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