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Em hanging with Britney & Christina

He He, Im bad!

us girlies high above (109 floors to be exact) Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Strip

woke up with a slight hangover! (emma not vikki!) And a lovely phone call from the girls! (we really loved talking to you lot...felt like we were back home!)

Decided we were gonna laze by the pool again..unfortunately the weather wasnt so instead...we bet our lives away in the casino!!! ok we were only betting 5 cents at a time (which is about 2 1/2p!!!). We were playing this poker game which we didnt really understand but i some how ended up with 4 aces and a king and won $10 from a $1 bet!!! wooo hoooo -decided to quit whilst i was ended up with a $6 profit! Viks didnt do too badly either...although not as good as me...just call me 'maverick'!!!!

Betting all day really took it out of us so we decided to go back to the room to watch a movie...but the tv wasnt working so we had a couple of men in our room all afternoon instead!!!! (ok ok dont panic they were maintenance men trying to fix the tv!!!)

Seeing as we hadnt seen any of the glitz and glam of vegas we decided the least we could do was see a vegas show...and this was def the highlight of our vegas stop!!! Britney spears, elvis, michael jackson and christina aguliera....oh and some country singer who we didnt know! although they werent ACTUALLY the real ones...they were fab...the michael jackson one was actually better than the real thing!!

I got to have my picture taken with a few of the stars!!! -see photos coming shortly.

Then it was to the top of the world!!! (well the top of the stratosphere tower at least!)...again i got scared and couldnt look over the edge...but hey maybe one day i'll grow some balls!! Apparently the views were fantastic...vik caught a couple of boring scenery pics on film whilst hanging over the egde and scaring me to death!

Ended the evening off with an all you can eat buffet, a few more goes on the slots and finally got to see our film whilst re-packing our rucksacks for the millionth time! (if anyone wants to see a cry-your-eyes-out, soppy, girlie love story...get 'the notebook' out -also a novel for anyone looking for a good read...even me 'the stone-hearted ice queen' had a small tear in her eye!!!

went to bed around 2am...knowing we had to be up at the crack of dawn (well 7.30am!) for the next leg of our trip...san francisco!!!

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