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In matsuyama -- off to Dogo Onsen,the Public Bath

Dogo Onsen -- all around town people are in their Yukata, including...

Next to Botchan, and important man who wrote about this place

THere are foot baths all around town -- to warm and clean...

Very basic in Kochi -- for washing

A simple public bath

A simple and inexpensive room

A nice bath area in Iya

A nice bath in Iya -- also with a high pressure shower,...

Outdoor bath at Iya. Water was found 1600 feet down for this...

Nice hat

The Traditional Japanese Bath

This was a stretch for us - and we required encouragement. Darlene went with Mari during her time in Mito. In her words, "this is an exquisite experience".

You go to the bath in your Yukata, in your slippers. You take your slippers off at the door. You carry with you your personal towel at all times, and you use it to hide your "place". Put your things in a locker. Choose a stool, shower, and basin. Wash yourself clean, using your towel. When you get into the bath, you are permitted to squeal if you need to. Do not put your personal towel in the water - before you get in, wring it out, and place it on your head while in the bath.

In some baths, there are wonderful showers that are like a massage. Some baths have a cold cistern to allow you to cool off after a sauna or bath.:

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