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The bridge over to Naruto -- you can see where the whirlpools...

This was the boat we took -- a little claustrophobic inside.

Aqua Eddy leaving the dock

A view of the whirlpools from Aqua Eddy

A view of the rapids from the observation deck under the bridge

Masao tring to catch a fish on a television monitor

We had arranged to take the train and a bus to Shikoku, and we rented a car in the town of Naruto.

Our travels were by car in Shikoku -- one day we were reported to have traveled a long way - 160 km. The roads are good, but the signs are sometimes a challenge. On the toll roads and the main roads, the traffic is light, and driving is easy. The one roadside stop we made was better than anyplace we had ever seen in the past, and there was a hotspring adjacent.We have not seen the likes of service at a gas station since the 1950's. As we got further distant from the expressways, the roads got narrower, the signs were fewer,and we became more and more dependant on the GPS. Many, many places are wide enough for one car only - and it is a way of life her to wait for others or to back up to a passing place.

In Naruto town, there is a beautiful museum called the Otsuka Museum - a museum of ceramic replicas of western art. These replicas used a technology that will permit identical replication of the art with all of its brightness and its blemishes, and the replicas can be touched! The museum was built by a pharmaceutical company of the same name, a company which produces and sells intravenous fluids. Darlene spent four hours there on her own, and the first half hour was in the replica of the Sistine chapel. All of the art is western -- accurate replicas of art found around the world. The museum obtained permission to replicate these. There is no Chinese or Japanese art, and no art by Ted Godwin. He is in good company, either way. Much of the art is grouped according to the period in which the art was produced and there are a few "theme sections", such as in areas such as relationships, motherhood, families, women in power, and war. That last part, about man's inhumanity to man, came through loud and clear in many of the places we visited. At the end of her visit, Darlene found out that there were self guided tours in English, and that pictures could be taken in all of the rooms. The gift is that, for the time she was there, all she could communicate with is the art, and all she could take was her memories - what could have been better? This place is worth a visit.

Masao and Gerry visited the Naruto whirlpools by boat... I had my greatest fear challenged, when I ended up in a small boat resembling a submarine, looking at whirlpools from 1.5 meters below the surface! We the watched the whirlpools over lunch, looked at them from the bridge, then watched a video and played games. I did not see any "big ones, but it was an entertaining time.

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