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Aaron has slowly transformed into Mr. Cranky Pants. When I got to Bari, I had 4 hours before my train to Rome left. Plenty of time to find an internet cafe and e-mail my farms tay lady to tell her when I would be there. I had planned to do it from the ferry but after getting on it, I felt lucky it had flush toilets and didn't have a "steerage" cabin. After over two hours of wandering the streets of Bari whith full pack I managed to find two internet places, both of which were closed. Maybe siesta, maybe just out of business, don't know. Grrrr. So i sit in the station for the rest of the time reading and thinking. Thinking is not fun when you are Mr. Cranky Pants, downward spiral... ugly circle. Then my train is about a half hour late. No biggy, shopuld still get in by about 8:30, plenty of time to find a hostel and get my internet stuff done. Or would have been if the train ride magically transormed from 5 hours to 7 hours. David Copperfield is a chump compared to these people, they make time disappear! So I go to Yellow hostel, the place I stayed in when I arrived. All full. where do you recommend? Just down the street. Okay, short walk. All full. Hmmm, I do see an internet cafe. Do that first, hostel hopefully after. I may be sleeping in the train station tonight. Hope you all had a better day than I have. Take care,


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