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Caught another ferry today, this time from Patras to Bari. Then on to Rome and my farm stay. Funniest thing, I was on the train to Patras, slightly drifting off, and I raised my head... and actually saw a giraffe. It was on a billboard, cartoonish-like. How weird is that. Started laughing my face off like a howler monkey. Everyone in earshot gave me a look, but it was just too funny. I hope you're reading this Helen.

Made a new friend on that train ride too. Her name is Ji Eun, a cute little girl from Korea. We kep eachother company on the ferry, broke bread and had a little conversation. Slight language barrier. Anyway, she was teaching in Turkey and took some time off to travel Europe. She's cool.

The ferry however, was a little ghetto. No expansive lounge for deck passengers. No lounge for deck passengers at all. There were padded benches everywhere though, so I got the best sleep on a ferry I have ver gotten. Took a couple of gravol and slept straight through for 8 hours. Gotta love gravol. Anyway, off again, this time to Bari and my next train ride, woo hoo.

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